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Reptia-Lamia <-- My main blog. This is my blog strictly for art.
But I'm not russian.... Ohdear, I'm a poser.... D:

I draw anything from Homestuck fan characters, to Invader Zim and Pokemon.
There's also the occasional original character belonging strictly to ME in every aspect but..let's be frank, that's not that frequent. 6_6
Still I love all of my characters fan or original. Especially Queen. Dat bitch shows up a lot.. > >

Well.. I hope you enjoy c: <3

Permalink Elmarie. A Sloane&#8217;s Viperfish Zora
Permalink 2 year old Terraria picture I decided to finish featuring mine and my girlfriend&#8217;s Terraria characters, RoQuanda and Kinky.

March on RoQuanda, march ooonn. I&#8217;ve fallen in love with her over this picture&#8230;. Totally turning her into a Crystal Gem char&#8230; Hahahah.
Permalink *tosses glitter*
Something nneeww&#8230;
Basilisk&#8217;s little princesss
Permalink Finally went back and finished coloring my bab.
Permalink Sh-shah&#8230;
Grave robbers will be given the 5-star shovel treatment.

Ommggg… I’m so psyched I found a good gem for Achlys and my girlfriend’s crystal gem’s fusion.

Labradorite + Cerussite

Iris Agate.

Their weapons: Labradorite hands and Meteor hammer (Gusty) combine into a huge hammer with a fist as the head that has spiked knuckles. The butt of the shaft has a long chain connected to it and when they swing and toss it they can control its path with their mind.

They wreck shit. But it’s so fucking hard to get them to fuse together cause Achlys is too much of a butt for Gusty.

Permalink insovietrussiaartdrawsyou:

Prompt: Shapeshifter
Gemsona week is waaaayyy over. But I still want to try to do the prompts for funsies. Achlys takes many forms… Most of which tend to be horrible abominations and mythological creatures or real animals mixed with horror. … Sometimes though. They’ll be a bunny. It’s delightfully misleading.
I spent waaayyy too much time on this. At least I can use it for my portfolio now.
I did it. I jumped on the bandwagon&#8230;&#8230;&#8230; Like I said I would.
Granted. I repurposed Achlys for this endeavor but deeeaall with it.

Achlys by insovietrussiaartdrawsyouGender: AgenderPronouns: They/Them/TheirSexual Orientation: Attracted to women/femininityHeight: 6&#8217;2&#8221;Weapon: Gem spawns innumerable amounts of arms from any surface they concentrate on.Gem Type: LabradoriteLikes: Shadowy places, hot babes, gemstone monsters, making others miserable or uncomfortable, easily intimidated charactersDislikes: Brightness, incompetence, obnoxious characters&#8230; Musical numbers. Hobbies: Not much is known about how they spend their time. They tend to pop up at random to harass unfortunate victims. Is that considered a hobby?Talents/Skills: Being unpleasant. They are exceptionally talented at shapeshifting and are skilled at offering defense and offensive support for other gems using their ability/weapon.Personality: They prefer to remain aloof unless explicitly bored or in a situation that invites them to make a critical observation of another&#8217;s feelings, personality, or flum-up&#8212; aka share their &#8216;wisdom&#8217;. While they can be quite nasty, it&#8217;s possible to penetrate their ghastly personality by taking an overt interest in them and being kind for no specific reason. They might be suspicious of you..but will eventually become loyal and fiercely defensive on a friend&#8217;s behalf.

Something about Helena today, I think. Vague ideas mostly that I’m not sure I’ll go with.

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Ah.. Seriously considering making a gemsona…

It’s too late to join the Gemsona Week thing, but I could simply do it for myself.. Maybe save it for when the admin supposedly opens it to everyone and not just SU fans.. or so they said.

*looking through gemstones*


Nooow…. Achlys… is Tess’s shadow djinn… They live within her body and have since she was a baby. An extremely dangerous stunt because the djinn would have undoubtedly been able to destroy her mind and completely possess the body, nevermind the consequences of someone discovering her.

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Very well. You can all blame about 3 people for the OC ramblings that shall ensue.

I’mma talk about Achlysss… cause they’re on my mind.

This asshole

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So is anyone actually interested in me just making posts about my characters from time to time?

I’ve a thing where I force myself to make some sort of text post everyday and I hardly know what to talk about in them cause I’m so damn boring.

My characters are maybe the only interesting thing at my disposal.. *sweats*

Permalink v w v My beautiful baby, Morrigan.
Look the fuck out, dark fairy queen coming through.