In Soviet Russia, Art Draws YOU

Reptia-Lamia <-- My main blog. This is my blog strictly for art.
But I'm not russian.... Ohdear, I'm a poser.... D:

I draw anything from Homestuck fan characters, to Invader Zim and Pokemon.
There's also the occasional original character belonging strictly to ME in every aspect but..let's be frank, that's not that frequent. 6_6
Still I love all of my characters fan or original. Especially Queen. Dat bitch shows up a lot.. > >

Well.. I hope you enjoy c: <3

/gasp It’s a wild Queen…. Oh, no, this one’s dangerous, please don’t go to the dark reaches of space alone.

I’m playing with the design of this version at the moment… It’s a call back to the irken Queen in certain respects….. …. and Skarita is the one who roped me into making her with her newest iteration of Monarch, Reach.

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